Las Vegas Hostel: Sin City Hostel

sin city hostel wall paint                                                                                                                                               Wow- Very impressed…

I love this place. Stay tuned for video soon!

Nothing I like more than travel and meeting amazing people as I explore and travel the world.  Today, I was looking for a hotel to stay my last night in Vegas and found this adorable Hostel! A great way to end my week vacay in Vegas Baby!

By the way, new cool looking Blog coming soon with cool new domain.

Check back soon to see  blog link!

Sin City hostel sign

Bucket List For 2014

End of April
Drive a 69 Camaro Race it baby! Varoom


July 11-14
Vegas Baby! Drive a race car at Red Rock
ZipLine @ Las Vegas Experience

Santa Cruz Tandem Sky Dive

http://www.cruisinfordreammissions Nov 1-5 Long Beach, Catalina and Ensenada
Deposit due by June 20th $300 (150 each)
Oceanside: 392 each Inside $353 each

Want to do Ocean-view? then its $392 per person $784 Total
Pay remaining balance August 28th!

NEW YEARS BASH at New Orleans baby!
Culinary Eurphoria baby! #Foodporn

Gettin crazy with my bucket list~Check back often to see where I am going

…Lahaina Maui and Orphanage in PVR: Casa De Hogar cindys card obverse

bucket list grey

cindys card reverse What’s on your bucket list? Zimbabwe, Seattle, Niagara Falls, Build a Beach Bed & Breakfast in Hondurus, Build a Beach Bed & Breakfast in Maui, Build a Beach Bed & Breakfast in San Diego, Build a Beach Bed & Breakfast in Nor Calif Coast, Sky Dive over Ocean, Egypt Pyramids, Zip Line the world, 65 Mustang, Dubai, Travel the Caribbean, Thailand cooking school, Culinary tour in Jamaica and Tuscany, Ride an elephant, Take a picture with a Lion ( Leo), Australia, Chile, France, Berlin Wall, Basque Spain, The Louve France, Venice the canals, Mt Juji Japan, Fiji Island,Galpagos Island, Hondurus Orphanage, Jamaica Orphanages, Kenya Orphanage, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower France.. more on helpwith

Have you made your deposit for “Crusin for Dream Missions & Instagram Cruise”

NOW UNTIL JUNE 20TH:MAKE YOUR DESPOSIT! Long Beach/CatalinaPapas&Beer Ensenada You in? It’s all to help the kiddos.. CLICK HERE for info:
Inside: $353 Balcony $393
Nov 1-5 Deposit due by 6/20/2013 $150 per person Full Payment on 8/27 (Also Instagram for Business Workshop)

meaning travel

Cruisin For Dream Missions: Nov 1-5 2014


Our Cruise on Nov 1-5th is gonna be a blast! And even a little workshop on Instagram!!! And or course helping out the kiddos from the Orphanage!

Soo lets all get together and do this Cruise Nov 1-5th Cool? I am hosting a Cruise Nov. 1 to 5 2014. Leaving from Long Beach, Catalina and Ensenada! While in Ensenada We will be spending half a day @ the Orphanage then a few hours having fun at Papas and beer Cantina. Portions of your Cruise rate will be going to DREAM MISSIONS and will be dispersed to the Orphanage there in Ensenada. HELP ME GET 16 PASSENGERS 8 CABINS and we can get the group rate and get some really amazing upgrade deals… 623 341 4976 Orphanage visit times to be posted soon. Keep an eye on this post!!